How To Save Money With Coupons

The economy is slowly improving, but most of us are still feeling a pinch at the grocery store, gas pump, retail outlets and many other places we have to visit to purchase necessary goods and services. The question of how to save money, even a few dollars, is on the minds of people all over the world. Economists strive to find global answers, but for the average person, simply saving a few dollars on weekly purchases is rewarding. Simple couponing tricks can help the typical American family save hundreds on groceries, gas, energy bills, restaurants and dinner, toiletries, hygiene products, and more. Coupons may just be the start to helping you spend less, save more, and improve your budget and personal finances.

Locating The Coupons

Coupons can be found from many sources. Years ago, the local newspaper and an occasional magazine were the only places to find these cost-saving slips of paper. However, due to the internet and new ways of marketing, it is possible to find coupons for almost anything if you know where to look. Oftentimes, it makes sense to explore a search engine, such as Google, type in products that you need to buy and locate online coupons, giving you money off your purchases immediately. For instance, if you are an internet entrepreneur, saving 20% off your GoDaddy domain or hosting account is easy with promo codes. Other examples include Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom, Papa John’s, 6PM, Best Buy,, Target, etc, most of which can be found on All these companies offer dozens of easily found coupons and coupon codes online to help shoppers save money on their products.

Extreme Couponing

Many of us have seen extreme couponers on television or read about them in the newspaper. They enter a store, chalk up nearly $1,000 worth of purchases, and pay under $100. This is worthwhile if someone has the time and ambition to make couponing a nearly full-time career; however, does everyone really have the time for that? Many of us have two full-time jobs already – our career and taking care of the family.

Another important factor to consider is storage for all the goods being purchased. If you are going to buy enough paper towels rolls to last 10 years, or laundry detergent so that none of your friends have to buy it again in their lifetime, and then you need to make certain large storage space is available. If not, moderate couponing might be the answer. Additionally, it may be important to consider the fact that your personal needs make change, so investing a ton of money into products, even useful ones, may not be the best investment, especially considering that you could be earning interest on your cash through other investment opportunities.

Grocery Coupons

Before heading to the grocery store, organize all the coupons for products that you need to purchase during that trip. This can be done in conjunction with creating a shopping list of products to buy at the store to avoid impulse purchases and products you simply don’t need. Try to find a store that doubles, or even triples, coupons under a dollar, then match those stores with their weekly sales flyers to receive the best deals. If a product you need is in the sales flyer and you don’t have a coupon, go online and try to find one. Another excellent tip is to plan weekly lunch and dinner options around your favorite store’s sale items, and always look for the “buy one, get one free” deals.

Coupons For Services

Groceries aren’t the only items you can use coupon deals with. Many salons, car dealerships, restaurants, pet centers, online retailers and businesses, you name it, offer coupons. If the car has to go in for a tune-up or oil change, search local papers and the internet for specials offered by GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc. When the dog seriously needs grooming, check local businesses and national chains for cost-saving incentives – a business is always marketing themselves, so you are sure to find at least one coupon available somewhere.

Promo Codes

Retail clothing stores, especially when shopping online, have discount codes and coupon codes to enter upon checkout. For example, HP is currently offering 15% off PCs and laptops that cost more than $599, is offering $3.99 domains, and Kohl’s, Express,  and Macy’s have15% off site-wide purchases. This is generally a series of numbers and letters that will instantly reduce the price of items in the checkout cart before shipping charges are added. Online promo codes apply to anything and everything, from electronics to clothing to kitchen appliances. Numerous online stores for all sorts of products offer these discount code and coupon code deals. Simply search, locate them, and save money.

Just a note: don’t fall for “free shipping” coupons. Almost ALL online stores offer free shipping with at least a $50 purchase, so unless your purchase does not qualify or there are no better coupon codes available, don’t use the one coupon option you have for free shipping.

There is truly no limit to the amount of money that can be saved with a little research and dedication to couponing. Even 5 – 10 coupons a week, combined with a store that already has discount and cash back cards, can result in a fairly large savings throughout the year. Clip those coupons, search for great online deals and begin putting money back in your pocket instead of paying full price for your purchases.